Building the home of your dreams in Currahee

You know how everyone seem to put their lives on hold when the global dip (as I call it) hit then grew and grew.. well today things seem to finally be returning back to an almost normal state… People seem to be happier with the prices their homes are selling for – In Atlanta  home inventory we heard is even started to grow scarce..

It even appears that families who were thinking about buying or building a second home or getaway-from-it-all home are ready to start.  So to help families move ahead with their dreams Currahee has created a terrific selection of mountain and lake home plans.  Currahee has also interviewed numerous home builders so that the best team of builders possible can help families who choose Currahee to build the home of their dreams. 

Lastly Currahee has assembled an experienced team of sales professionals who know how to place home plans on lots and help families visualize what they want in a home and help them stay on budget and on time when building their dream retreat. 

Whether it is your permanent home or just the home you want to enjoy for weekends, vacations or summer fun – Currahee has the lifestyle and the perfect location.  Call one of our sales experts today to start building your dreams.. rates are good and builders working with Currahee are prepared to give you the time and attention you need to make your dream a reality. Click here to view some amazing Currahee home plan ideas.